Astro Photography

...On the Cheap

I don't own a telescope dedicated to astro-photography. I watch the sky with an 8” dobsonian and some decent eyepieces.

I've tried a lot of different methods to photograph astronomical events. Because of the light pollution where I live, long exposures are out of the question. The noise buildup ruins the image. With only a camera and a tripod I'm limited to short exposures on a clear night.

Another option is shooting through a telescope eyepiece. A lot of light is necessary, which makes the moon the best target. The results can be surprisingly good.

Images of the sun can be captured by projecting the light from a telescope eyepiece onto a white page. Eclipses, the transit of Venus and sun spots can all be viewed with this method.

Composition and subject matter can make up for the lack of equipment. Constraints are sometimes better than options.